We Ranked Madonna’s 20 Best Music Films –Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop!

Produced in 1958, Bay City, Michigan indigenous Madonna is mentioned as the highest-selling female recording artist by Guinness World Records, also Billboard‘s successful solo action ever –second overall behind only The Beatles. The documents go on and on, and it is simply not possible to overstate her contribution to popular culture.

Now, the artist turns 60. As a tribute to over three years of inspiration and entertainment, we have compiled a record of her best songs videos. The Queen of Pop and the contemporary moderate both climbed to prominence at the first 1980therefore, and her contribution to this kind is essentially unmatched.

In ascending order, these are Madonna’s 20 most memorable music movies of all time. Jump in. It is a celebration. Erotica (1992)

Madonna watched the harshest backlash of her livelihood in 1992. Her fifth studio record Erotica premiered three months following her coffee table publication Gender  divided critics, many stating the artist had just gone too far.  Erotica endured commercially as a consequence the lowest-selling studio record of her career at that moment. These days, the jazzy, dim Erotica is known among the very best, most adventurous pop LPs of this 1990therefore, and its influence is indisputable from the work of artists such as BeyoncéRihannaP!nk, Britney SpearsLady GagaChristina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj.

The movie tied in with the coffee table publication, including risqué visuals and guest appearances by Isabella Rossellini and Naomi Campbell.  It had been deemed too racy by MTV and prohibited from broadcast on the community. Living For Love (2015)

Oh, what a pleasure it was to Madonna fans when in 2015, over three years into her career, ” The Queen of Pop dropped one of her finest tracks . The lead single from Rebel Heart is a victory about perseverance and keeping an open heart, even if it’s already been busted. The creation is a union of gospel choir along with a profound bass EDM beat only Madonna can pull off, together with Alicia Keys on percussion and piano. The arresting video employs a matador motif and Madonna’s love of dancing to communicate a message about overcoming demons and darkness.

A number of Madonna’s critics say she’s calculating. But only have a look at her artistic outcome, what she is saying and how she says . Her entire body of work could be more humanist, lush and lively.  Living For Love indicated that she is not slowing downand that we do not need her to. Material Girl (1985)

Many scholars and critics concur Like a Virgin is that the second that cemented Madonna as a pop culture legend. The video for the album’s lead single, that observed the singer suggestively slinking through the canals of Venice, was obviously phenomenally popular–but finally the followup movie,”Material Girl,” proved much more iconic. The catchy-as-all-get-out song is set to vision which pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe‘s operation of”Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Madonna most recently completed this course on her Heart Tour, staging something of an homage to the movie. Live to Tell (1986)

This is usually cited as Madonna’s best ballad. She composed all the lyrics, co-composing and co-producing the psychological track about youth scars and also the will to endure. Madonna softened her picture, with wavy gold locks such as Grace Kelly‘s along with a simple flowery dress, for its movie that tied right into the haunting thriller At Close Range, starring then-husband Sean Penn.  Madonna’s performance of”Live to Tell” on her Tour, the last time she performed the song live, incited uproar and critical praise in equal measure because of its usage of provocative religious vision. Poor Girl (1993)

Another track from Madonna’s most underrated record, Erotica, includes a characteristically elegant look by Christopher Walken. Maybe you’ve discovered: Walken is an unbelievable dancer, and here he plays with Madonna’s toe-tapping guardian angel.  Madonna is such a fantastic performer, and her performance as a broken, gloomy girl whose self-destructive behaviour gets her murdered is among her very best. This movie is the first of many collaborations between Madonna and manager David Fincher with this listing. The sad, upsetting”Bad Girl” clip lingers in the memory long after you have seen it–such as all the manager’s best work out of Se7en into Zodiac. Papa Do not Preach (1986)

Madonna’s fourth No. 1 U.S. only was controversial because of its depiction of adolescent pregnancy. The movie was directed at James Foley, who also led Sean Penn at At Close Range. Here really is the mistress of reinvention’s original head-to-toe picture makeover; she tickles a slender, muscular body at the dancing breaks, using an edgy, gamine look motivated by Jean SebergAudrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine. Open Your Heart (1986)

No listing of Madonna’s most memorable movies is complete with this hot, clever and humorous dance-heavy clip. In reality, many believe this a defining event from the Queen of Pop’s profession: enjoying with a peep show celebrity reminiscent of Liza Minelli at Cabaret and Marlene Dietrich,”Open Your Heart” is the second Madonna subverted the male gaze.

In its nascence, this course was composed as a rockn’ roster known as”Follow Your Heart,” originally planned for Cyndi Lauper or The Temptations. Take a Bow (1994)

The R&B-infused Bedtime Stories age gave us a number of their most memorable Madonna movies, by the triumphantly unapologetic”Human Nature” (one of Madonna’s greatest live tracks), into the mystical, tantalizing”Secret,” but the greatest hit by her 1994 followup to Erotica was that this ballad. This was Madonna’s eleventh No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, and it replaced Carole King since the female performer who had written the most tunes to top the graph.  The movie, filmed in Ronda, Spain, sees a tasteful Madonna preparing to have the role of Evita onscreen. Here she plays the fan of a bullfighter, performed with real life matador Emilio Muñoz. The video for Madonna’s 1995 monitor”You Will See” is a direct sequel. Oh Father (1989)

“Oh Father” is your largest tearjerker from what many believe to be Madonna’s greatest record, Like a Prayer. Another visually stunning cooperation with David Fincher, this was Madonna’s most autobiographical clip to there, possibly ever.  “Oh Father” sees a grownup Madonna finding grace with her daddy; his relationship was strained ever since her mom died when Madonna was 5 years old. This movie retains lump-in-the-throat psychological resonance for anybody who has had a strained relationship with a parent. Music (2000)

Madonna’s very first course of this new millennium gave her daunting task of living up to Ray of Light, the largest commercial and critical success of her livelihood.  And she did not disappoint. The amazing title track from Music is just one of Madonna’s very anthemic. The movie is a hip-hop celebration, full of humor and gender-swapped stereotypes (Madonna plays a pimp), co-starring Sacha Baron Cohen‘s infamous white rapper Ali G (that is six years earlier Borat). Madonna was pregnant with son Rocco in the time of filming, therefore she spends a lot of the video flaunting bling at the back of a limo with real life pals Debi Mazar and Niki Harris, prior to an animated interlude. Word has it Ali G deciphered Madonna up to date that she had difficulty keeping a straight face throughout filming.

Interesting fact: that really is not the first time Madonna got revived. Dramatic black Herb Ritts photos of Madonna bathing in the ocean with stunning, muscular mermen creates the movie similarly entrancing. This stands tall as one of the very uplifting pop tunes of all time, lush yet profoundly intimate. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, which makes Madonna the artist having the most consecutive top five hits ever, together with 16. Hung Up (2005)

After the commercial and critical disappointment of American Life (the corresponding Re-Invention Tour was a runaway success), Madonna plunged headfirst in an all-dance noise, producing Confessions on a Dance Floor. “Hung Up” has been Madonna’s 36th shirt 10 only on the Billboard Hot 100, linking her Elvis Presley since the artist using the most ever. The tune samples ABBA’s”Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight),” and this is just the second time that the Swedish pop band enabled another artist to get his or her catalog.

The movie is Madonna’s personal tribute to John Travolta, and also more commonly to dancing and disco.  It’ll amuse you into submission. Frozen (1998)

This huge, melancholic electronica ballad has been the first single from Ray of Light, declaring the singer’s revolutionary new sound. The lyrics of this song are profoundly haunting, exploring the emptiness one feels when reluctant to link and be exposed.

By Terminator 2 into Titanic, the mid-to-late 1990s were a golden era for particular results. CGI was brand new, and just used sparingly, when completely essential, frequently to amazing effect. This is true for the ramifications in Frozen that created Madonna shapeshift onto a desert floor.  Express Yourself (1989)

This brassy ode to female empowerment is Madonna at her most populous (“Come , girls! Can you believe in love?”) , as well as the Fincher-directed movie, motivated by Fritz Lang‘s quiet sci-fi masterwork Metropolis, is a hugely scaled narrative of oppression, freedom and control. At the moment, its $5 million funding has been the largest ever to get a music video–and each penny of it’s on the monitor.

Kelly Clarkson auditioned for its very first season of American Idol using a full-bodied spin on this traditional feminist anthem…and the rest is history. Justify My Love (1991)

It is a indication of Madonna’s eminence a single used to market her first greatest hits collection is currently regarded as a touch track. This hot hotel celebration was too steamy for MTV, getting Madonna’s very first video prohibited on the community. She used this to her benefit, selling the movie as one on VHS (the very first music video ever sold in this format). It was hugely profitable. Nowadays, the Justify My Love video honestly seems pretty dull –and of course , artfully photographed. Bedtime Story (1994)

This enchanting, mind-bending synth monitor is the only cooperation between Madonna and Björk, that co-wrote it. The movie carried a $5 million price tag and has been eclectically motivated by surrealists, futurists and even early Egyptians. It obtained a limited release in movie theaters.

One of the vital aspects in Madonna’s unrivaled longevity is that her willingness to experiment, over and over and over. This clip is really a testament to this. A jaw-dropping cinematic accomplishment, it is like walking around within a Salvador Dali painting. “Bedtime Story” is just one of several music videos ever before to be permanently exhibited at the Modern Museum of Art. Vogue (1990)

Madonna began off the decade with a bang through the planet’s best selling only of 1990. The memorable Fincher-directed video attracted an underground movement to the mainstream. The clip is taken in classic black-and-white, appropriate for the bridge which name-checks classic Hollywood giants: (“Greta Garbo and Monroe/ / Dietrich and DiMaggio/ / Marlon Brando Jimmy Dean/ About the cover of a magazine/”).

nearly as popular as the movie itself was Madonna’s electrifying, flavorful Marie Antoinette-inspired functioning of the tune at the 1990 MTV Awards. Ray of Light (1998)

This thrilling, scenic masterpiece of this shape represents a day in the life span of this planet as we neared the end of this twentieth century. Madonna so admired Jonas Åkerlund‘s function on The Prodigy‘s controversial-yet-acclaimed, subversive”Smack My BUp” clip she chased him to direct the movie for Ray of Light‘s title track. They established that an inspired pair, which is the very first video by Madonna to acquire Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards. “Ray of Light” also won 2 Grammys, for Best Short Form Music Video and Best Dance Recording.

Madonna underwent extensive vocal coaching in preparation for its lead part in 1996’s Evita, and this course is her best vocal ever. The tune was covered dozens of times by artists throughout the map. She noticed how hard the song is to sing. What It Feels Like For A Girl (2001)

Madonna’s most underrated gift has always been her gifts as a songwriter, and”What It Feels Like For a Girl,” lyrically barbed but sonically soothing, is among her greatest, most revolutionary tracks. The video and song both learn more about the harsh facts of being a female in a man’s world. The clip, directed by then-husband Guy Ritchie, comprises violent and upsetting material. It had been prohibited from broadcasting on MTV–although more barbarous clips by male musicians, such as Eminem‘s”Stan,” were deemed OK.

In light of this #MeToo motion, this tune and movie feel new–demonstrating once more that Madonna is and continues to be ahead of the time.  What It Feels Like For A Girl is close to the top of the list since it may be that the Madonna movie that strikes the toughest on a purely psychological level. Like a Prayer (1989)

By now the story is amusement business legend: Madonna had signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with Pepsi, just in time to get a Super Bowl commercial. The following day, Madonna released that movie, which was highly contentious. At the face of uproar, Pepsi revived the sponsorship deal, but not until Madonna walked off with a cool $5 million.

Madonna shocks and provokes; that is a part of her job. But lesser artists that have not seen the remaining power or influence of the Queen of Pop only push our buttons onto a surface , without needing to say leaving us much to chew on. After the shockwaves wear , you can enjoy the artistic worth and significance of Madonna’s work. In the center of the mythical clip, under all Madonna’s professionally engineered, true shocking theatrics, establishes a message regarding civil rights that has lost none of its value nearly 3 years later. “Like a Prayer” deserves its reputation as one of the best music videos of all time.

Do you agree with our listing of Madonna’s best movies? Believe we missed you? What’s your all-time favourite Madonna moment? Tell us in the comments!

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Charles Leche claims he lacks any ability to paint, draw or sculpt. But what he can do with a camera is something different entirely. 

His talent in bringing architecture, animals, cultural activities and more to life is now on display in “Photography in All Its Forms” at The Atrium Gallery at Christwood. It is the first solo exhibition for the amateur photographer and practicing lawyer.

“I choose photography as a medium because I have no talent in any other form of visual art,” Leche said. “Even if I could (paint, draw or sculpt), I’d still pursue photography: My attempt is to present interesting or pleasing interpretations of ‘reality.’

“For this purpose, digital photography is brush and acrylic on steroids. The canvas is not the electronic sensor in your camera. It is your computer screen,” he added.

“The ‘art’ begins with light and composition: your choice of subject, lighting conditions, angle, crop, depth of field, length of exposure, etc., that go into creating that initial ‘sketch’ that appears on your camera’s sensor when you click the shutter. Then you apply the amazing electronic artist’s tools that are available today.”

Those techniques translate into captivating images that draw viewers in and create a feeling of being there with the subject, whether it is a foggy morning in the French Quarter, as can be seen in “Andrew Jackson in Fog” and “Pirates Alley.” Or a moment up-close with a majestic creature, such as those featured in “Alaskan Grizzly” and “Cotswolds Falcon.”

As can be seen on the gallery’s walls and in the exhibition’s title, Leche doesn’t limit himself to just a few subjects or ways of displaying them. 

“This is an ‘eclectic’ exhibit. That is, the photographic images are presented in a variety of forms and subjects: black-and-white, color, large, small, aluminum, canvas, paper, framed, unframed, nature, cityscapes, architectural, New Orleans icons, Mardi Gras, etc., etc.,” the Mandeville resident said.

Leche is drawn to architectural photography, where interior rooms and building exteriors are captured in the “most ‘idyllic’ or pleasing manner possible — to emphasize the designer’s essential intent,” he said.

Yet he added that he enjoys “such a wide variety of subjects, almost ‘anything goes.’

“What I’m usually trying to do is capture the subject matter (which may be mundane) in an unusual or different way and thus capture the viewer’s interest by presenting a new or different way of seeing,” he said.

Leche’s quest to present subjects in an interesting way particularly can be seen in a series of images documenting the statues removed in New Orleans last year. Each of the four black-and-white paper prints — “Andrew Jackson statue,” Robert E. Lee statue,” “Jefferson Davis statue” and “P.G.T. Beauregard statue” — features the named statue with the entire background removed so that only a white background behind the statue is present.

“This goes back to my basic idea, which is to present different interpretations of ‘reality’,” Leche said of the series. “One of my objects was to try to capture the fact that the statues (particularly Lee and Beauregard) are intrinsically magnificent sculptural works of art, as well as important historical objects. I chose to attempt this by presenting the images essentially as etchings — with all background and other distractions removed — thus concentrating the viewer’s attention on the sculptural details. I achieved the desired effect using what I call ‘fancy footwork’ in Photoshop.”

While he has never worked professionally as a photographer, Leche’s interest in the art form began as a teenager in the early 1960s.

“My older brother showed me how to use a very old, but still perfectly useable, Leica,” he said. “I became fascinated with how light can be controlled and images produced.”

Leche’s passion for photography continued in the 1970s and 1980s when he produced images in a darkroom. He discovered digital photography in 2003, when he purchased the first Canon ‘Rebel’ DSLR.

“Six megapixels. I was stunned by what it, in combination with Photoshop, could do,” Leche said, adding that he now uses professional-grade Canon cameras and lenses.

At 71, he has done some for-pay photography sessions, but also has enjoyed what he calls pro-bono photography for the Preservation Resource Center, the Greater New Orleans Foundation, and occasionally other charitable, nonprofit, or civic organizations.

“I still enjoy doing that. My hope, however, is to do much more ‘professional’ photography in the future, eventually becoming a full-time photographer,” Leche said, adding that he is appreciative that Christwood and its exhibition coordinator Ann Menge Loomis for giving him the opportunity for this first exhibition.
“Photography in All Its Forms” will be on display through April 27 at The Atrium Gallery at Christwood, 100 Christwood Blvd., Covington. Gallery hours are Mondays-Fridays, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit www.christwoodrc.com.

On the Horizon

Hand Building Functional Ceramic Vessels with instructor Richard LoPiccolo March 21, 28, (no class on April 4), April 11 and 18, 9 or 11:30 a.m.; or March 21, 28, (no class on April 4), April 11 and 18, 6 to 8:30 p.m., at St. Tammany Art Association, 320 N. Columbia St., Covington. $135 or $125 for STAA members, including a limited amount of clay, glazes and firing. www.sttammanyartassociation.org 

Mandeville Artist of the Month-Meet the Artist, March 21, 5 to 7 p.m., City of Mandeville City Hall, 3090 E. Causeway Approach, Mandeville. www.cityofmandeville.com 

The Slidell Photo Club members meeting, March 21, 7 p.m. Cultural Center at Slidell City Hall, 2055 Second St., Slidell. www.slidellphotoclub.org

Friday Nites on the Square featuring Sharon Schech, March 23, 5;30 to 8:30 p.m. at Terra Bella Village, Covington. Bring lawn chairs; ice chests not allowed. Food and beverage will be available for purchase. Portions of the proceeds will benefit the TerraBella Institute. www.terrabellavillage.com.

Mandeville Live! featuring Little Freddie King, March 23, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Mandeville Trailhead, 675 Lafitte St. Admission is free. No outside food, beverages or ice chests. www.cityofmandeville.com.

Covington Louisiana Actors Playhouse System (CLAPS) auditions for the 2018 season, March 24, Covington High School. CLAPS will perform the musicals Disney’s The Lion King Jr., Madagascar, and Honk Jr., as well as Mary Poppins, June 14 to 30. Performing and technical auditions are open to any high school student in grades 9-12 attending public or private school including students entering the 9th grade. Auditions for Disney’s The Lion King Jr. are restricted to current students in grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 only. All performing students who want to audition need to prepare 16 measures of an audition song, and they will be required to give a cold reading. Bring piano music – an accompanist is provided – or accompaniment tracks (accompaniment only; no vocals) to the audition. No a cappella auditions are allowed. A resume is requested, but not required. Technical students are required to bring a resume and will be interviewed. All students need to know their summer schedules in order to determine availability for productions. Rehearsals begin May 7. To schedule an audition, visit www.clapsonline.org.

Jazz on the Bayou, March 24 and 25 from 3 to 7 p.m. The annual event at the residence of jazz musician Ronnie Kole and his wife, Garner, benefits Easter Seals Louisiana, STARC, Safe Harbor and Slidell Cultural Arts Society. Tickets are $100 per person. http://jazzonthebayou.com/home/tickets/ 

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy’s Annual Student Art Show, March 24, 5 to 7 p.m. at the gallery, 1901 Highway 190, Suite 28 (in Chenier), Mandeville. www.impastatogallery.com.

Playmakers Theater’s staged reading of Art by Yasmina Reza, March 25, 1 p.m. at the STAA’s Art House, 320 N. Columbia St., Covington. This is the second in a planned year-long series of staged readings at various venues throughout the area. Art won the 1998 Tony Award for Best Play, among other recognitions. Admission is $15.00 for all seats. For tickets, call 985.893.1671 or visit www.playmakersinc.com.

Third Sunday Concert featuring the Fontainebleau High School Jazz Ensemble, March 25, 5 p.m. (doors open at 4:30 p.m.), Christ Episcopal Church, 120 S. New Hampshire St., Covington. Admission is free.

“Building the Wall,” featuring paintings by Rand Carmichael, until March 29 at the Slidell Cultural Center at City Hall, 2055 Second St. Gallery hours are Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to 4 p.m. and Thursdays from noon to 6 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, visit www.myslidell.com.

STAA’s Children’s Culture Camp, April 2 to 6, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., STAA’s Art House, 320 N. Columbia St., Covington. Led by acclaimed musician and artist Grayhawk Perkins, children will learn about storytelling by writing a story, illustrating it and hand-binding it into a book, as well as songwriting, painting and crafting with watercolors and acrylics, other cultures and blues harmonica (children will receive a harmonica they can keep). The camp will conclude with storytelling and a concert showcasing the children’s newfound musical skills. Cost is $240 or $220 for STAA members. www.sttammanyartassociation.org.

Call to artists, TerraBella Village’s “Eats and Arts, April 28 from 5 to 9 p.m. The night will showcase artists and feature live jazz. Artists entry fees are $95 for an indoor space including table, linens and temperature controlled area. Indoor space is limited and is rented on a first come first serve basis. Entry fees are $75 for a 10×10 outdoor space including a table, linens, tent & limited lighting. Fee must be submitted at the time of application in form of a check or cash. Applications must be submitted via mail to TerraBella Institute, Event Coordinator, 111 Terra Bella Blvd, Covington, LA 70433 or via email to laura@terrabellavillage.com by April 3 at 5 p.m.

Pottery Wheel Throwing Classes with instructor Vanessa Hock, STAA, 320 N. Columbia St., Covington. Thursday class sessions from 6 to 8:30 p.m.: April 5, 12, 19 and 26. Saturday class sessions from 9 to 11 a.m.: April 7, 14, 21 and 28. Class is limited to six spaces. Cost is $135 or $125 for STAA members. www.sttammanyartassociation.org

Tickets are available for Jazz It Up-A Private Showing, April 6, 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Pappion Artistry, 528 Girod St., Mandeville. The event will feature Christina Pappion’s artwork to be showcased at Jazz Fest, and will include a wine, cheese and a performance by Harp Entertainment and a custom hand-painted wine glass. Tickets are $28 per person. To purchase, visit www.pappionartistry.com/events. 

Painting the Night Watercolor Workshop with internationally recognized master watercolorist Paul Jackson, AWS NWS, April 23-26, Abbey Art Works, St. Joseph Abbey, Covington. Cost is $450; accommodations in the retreat center are available at a rate of $112.50 per night. Contact Jane Brown at 985.373.2305 or janebrown@bellsouth.net.

Tickets are available for the George Rodrigue Foundation for the Arts’ Aioli Dinner Supper Club-Mandeville, April 28, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $300 per person. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-aioli-dinner-supper-club-the-home-of-daniela-elie-khoury-lakeshore-drive-mandeville-tickets-41793285843 

Registration is open for STAA’s Fingerprints Art Camps ages 6 to 12 with four one-week sessions, June 4 to 8, June 11 to 15, June 18 to 22, and June 25 to 29, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., STAA’s Art House, 32o N. Columbia St., Covington. Cost is $220 or $200 for STAA members with family memberships and above. Participants registering for all four sessions receive $100 off. www.sttammanyartassociation.org.

Landscape and Cityscape Painting with instructor Alan Flattmann, May 8 to June 26 (Tuesdays), 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Abbey Art Works, 73408 River Road, Covington. Enrollment is limited to 16 students. Cost is $180 per month. alan@alanflattmann.com or www.alanflattmann.com.

Sarah Bonnette is a freelance writer on Louisiana arts and culture. She may be contacted at sgbonnette@gmail.com.

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