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Luminosity Talks is pleased to present Dr. Karlene Stange, veterinarian from Durango, speaking about her quest and her book, “The Spiritual Nature of Animals.”

Join us at the Pagosa Community of New Thought Church, located in the Momentum 24-7 building, 40 North 15th Street (near bottom of Putt Hill) on Friday, March 9 at 7:00pm. (Note: This is a new location for Luminosity Talks.)

Luminosity Talks is a not-for-profit group that presents innovative speakers and films to educate, inspire and inform. All are invited to this free event and donations are appreciated.

“I set out to understand the spiritual nature of animals, and in so doing, I discovered my own. Creatures great and small dragged me down a rabbit hole and through sacred tunnels into a world of dragons, shamans, gurus, lamas, monks, nuns, demons, priests, rabbis, preachers, scientists, clairvoyants, channels, mystics, animal communicators, and other spiritual teachers. Those adepts schooled me and gave me refuge from the dramas and traumas of veterinary practice overburdening me. They introduced me to the anima — what Jungian psychology refers to as the animating principal present in all living beings.

“Anima is the Latin root of the word animal. It means soul, breath, and life. Veterinarians share a personal relationship with the anima; we watch it drain from a body only to meet it again as a newborn foal or pup. Yet veterinary education rarely mentions it. We learn detailed information about bones, blood, and the other physical components, but little is said of the nonphysical aspect — the animas of animals—I now believe it is the most important part.

“Firemen do not enter burning buildings or ascend to the tops of tall trees to grab a hunk of meat known as a ‘cat.’ They rescue a beloved family member, a companion. The incorporeal light in an animal’s eyes reaches into our hearts. It touches us more deeply than any physical thing. We humans have the capacity to connect with the spiritual nature of animals; it makes us happy. I wanted to understand it more fully.

“I began my course of discovery after meeting two women clients, a Buddhist and a Baptist, with sharply contrasting views of what happens to an animal at death. They made me consider the question, ‘Do animals reincarnate or are they just dead meat?’ At the same time, my close relations with animals from birth to death made me wonder how people could make certain statements about them, such as ‘Animals do not feel love,’ ‘Animals do not have souls,’ ‘Animals have a lower soul but not an eternal spirit,’ and ‘Animals are not conscious.’

“None of these made sense to me.

“The quest to understand the spiritual nature of animals became my passion and my salvation. Please join me as I share this extensive research into the world’s religious, scientific and spiritual teachings about the incorporeal aspect of animals.”

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