Painted ponies? You’ve seen them, admired them, picked out your favorite. The famous painted Cow Parade? Oh yeah, you can name at least a dozen of the colorful bovines from memory. The painted guitars of Austin or the elephants that popped up in Europe? So fabulous. But if you have yet encountered a painted barrel trail, that will all change if you attend the Livermore Valley Wine Country Barrel Tasting Weekend on March 10 and 11, 2018.

A number of area wineries will have bright and beautiful barrels that pay homage to wine, to grapes, to the nature, and to the happy life. If you’d be happy to take one home, there’s a raffle, with one ticket going for twenty bucks and six for $100. The winner will be revealed just after the weekend wraps, on March 12. To make sure you bid on your favorite barrel, and to read over some of the finer points, visit the Barrel Tasting Weekend site for all the sip-sweet details. There are fifteen painted barrels in all in 2018. Good luck!

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